Michael Johnson, Senior Therapist

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson spent the greater part of his childhood living in Pure Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, before moving to Green Bay. Michael played football at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for two years, before transferring to UW-Green Bay where he earned his bachelor’s in psychology and human development. In his free time Michael enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, family and friends, and playing football for the semi-professional Wisconsin Ravens.

Ever since he can remember, Michael had a passion for helping others and being part of a team atmosphere. His career path became evident when his younger brother was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Michael joined the team at Centerpiece LLC in 2014 as a line therapist and spent a year interning as a Senior Therapist. Through his internship Michael specialized in the applied verbal behavior approach and grew into his current senior therapist role.

Personal Statement

“My brother, Landon is a 12-year-old boy who is diagnosed with severe autism. He has had a piece of my heart ever since he was born and his hand will always be holding mine. Throughout his 12 years of life, I have seen the struggles autism can bring to an individual, family, and myself. However, that does not stop me from seeing the joy and determination in the eyes of those close to autism. Landon has always inspired me to be part of the autism community. There is something special about children with autism and I believe with the right hands helping we can make a difference. I have promised Landon on several occasions that I will be there to protect him and help him reach his goals and I plan on doing this for each and every child I get the opportunity to work with at Centerpiece LLC.

Centerpiece LLC has guided me into a path I’m proud to walk in. I am highly motivated to make a difference in your child’s life and help others in need. The group of individuals that I work with, all have the same mindset; to help. As an organization we plan on helping our children reach their full potential and help their families to the best of our ability. My fuel is watching the children we work with grow and smile when they know they CAN do it. I’m grateful for each day I can walk hand in hand with our children at Centerpiece LLC. Landon would be proud to see not only helping him, but helping boys and girls just like him; who face the same struggles, and achievements he does. I would love the opportunity to walk hand in hand with your child and teach him or her that they CAN, too.”