Frequently Asked Questions

If you plan to use insurance or Forwardhealth/Medicaid funding for services, we are required to obtain a copy of a medical autism diagnosis. An educational diagnosis is not sufficient.
Centerpiece isn’t a school or a daycare. Centerpiece is an autism treatment center where applied behavior analysis is provided in a facility, instead of in home. Some families opt to send their children to Centerpiece LLC instead of school during the preschool years (before age 6) or if the child is homeschooled, but Centerpiece LLC is not a school. Additionally, we do not offer daycare services.
Centerpiece LLC does not provide transportation at this time. Families who have a child in the Howard Suamico School District may be eligible for drop off at the center depending on the child’s homeschool. Students from Howard Elementary and Lineville Intermediate School are able to be dropped off at Centerpiece LLC as a part of their normal bus routes. Syble Hopp also provides drop off to Centerpiece LLC. Families who have children enrolled in the teen program are responsible for dropping their teen off at the designated community locations for all outings that are scheduled.
The staff at Centerpiece LLC work to ensure that the children in our care are generalizing the skills that they learn at Centerpiece LLC to home, school and the community. If a client is having difficulty with behaviors that are happening outside of the center the therapy team can meet a child at home or another community destination to work on the behavior/skill until the issue is resolved. This is based on clinical need only and should only be used in short term situations. Centerpiece LLC will not transport children to any community outings, staff will meet the family at the designated location.
There are three main levels of the therapy team that are required in the state of Wisconsin. Behavior technicians are entry level staff who work directly with clients to implement the treatment plan. Behavior technicians must have a high school diploma and 40 hours of training in how to perform ABA therapy. Behavior treatment therapists (senior therapists) must have a bachelor’s degree and 2,000 hours of therapy experience OR a master’s degree and 400 hours of therapy experience. A lead therapist is a master’s level clinician with board certification and a state license to practice ABA therapy. Each client typically works with numerous behavior technicians but is assigned one behavior treatment therapist (senior therapist) and one lead therapist (BCBA). In addition to the requirements above, all staff must pass a caregiver background check, pass a health screening, and become CPR/first aid certified. Centerpiece LLC staff are also trained in professional crisis management (PCM), a 3-day training that equips the staff to de-escalate clients who are engaged in crisis behavior (continuous aggression, continuous self injury, etc.)
Supervision is one of the areas where Centerpiece LLC truly stands apart from other therapy providers. A typical in home therapy provider will send a lead therapist to see the child once every month or two. At Centerpiece LLC, our lead therapists are present full time and seeing their clients daily. They are available to parents for questions and concerns, they are easily reached and very present for you and your child. They are training and supervising the staff daily, and can frequently be seen moving from room to room to work with all of their clients and supervise the staff.

A typical in home therapy provider will send a behavior treatment therapist (senior therapist) to see the child 2-4 hours per week. At Centerpiece LLC, our senior therapists are present full time and see their clients daily. They are also available to parents for questions and concerns and are easily reached.

It is always possible that a child can pick up a negative behavior from a peer whether at school, Centerpiece LLC, the park or from a sibling. Children learn from their peers. Children also learn positive behaviors from their peers and social skills that are very hard to teach without the presence of other children. Children who have consistent negative behaviors (verbal or physical aggression to peers) have their own independent work areas away from the rest of the children until they are able to interact with their peers more appropriately. Centerpiece LLC has seen far more examples of positive behaviors gained and friendships formed than negative behaviors shared between children.