Centerpiece LLC is Green Bay, Wisconsin’s first center-based autism treatment program. Centerpiece LLC utilizes applied behavioral analysis, which is a science that develops methods of changing behavior. In the most basic terms, ABA therapy seeks to change behaviors by extinguishing undesirable behaviors and reinforcing the good behaviors.

Centerpiece LLC offers clients a unique opportunity to excel and progress through:

  • One on one individual teaching time with highly trained and experienced therapists.
  • Facilitated group activities within the center that allow children the opportunity to immediately practice the skills and behaviors mastered in one on one sessions and interact with their peers.
  • Access to therapy tools, toys, and equipment that may not be available to children who receive therapy in home.
  • Direct and immediate access to senior level staff and lead therapists when problem behaviors or questions arise.
  • Emphasis on providing a wide array of therapy activities to all clients including gross and fine motor activities, structured and unstructured play opportunities, and equipment and activities designed to meet the sensory needs of clients of all ages.

The staff at Centerpiece LLC use an eclectic approach to therapy, bringing a wide range of evidence-based ideas, styles, and strategies together. These approaches are merged into a consistent and measurable ABA program. Centerpiece LLC believes that the child should be at the center of everything done, not the program!